Soap Colourants

Welcome to our collection of soap colourants. Here at Eternity Soap Lab, we only every stock the finest quality colourants, to enable you to create the most beautiful designs. They have a very workable texture, like a paste, which causes less spillage and mess and makes them incredibly easy to work with. Using professional colourants is essential to get the best results. The colourants you find at Eternity Soap Lab will not fade or bleed.

Most of the colourants you see on this page will be from Zenicolor collections. We like endorsing this brand because it is really excellent, and they have a marvelous range. 

These colourants will have different results depending on which type of soap bases you use, of course. Mixing one colour in a clear soap base will yield a quite different result to combining it with a white base. When you consider all the colours you can make with these vibrant colourants, and then try them in both white and clear soap bases, you will have more than enough choices to create your own custom soap

As always, we have some great soap-making tutorial videos on our site to inspire you. And if you have any questions about our products, feel free to email us at your convenience.