About Us

Hello guys, I want to tell you a little about myself. My name is Diana, and I am the owner of Eternity Soap Lab. For most of my life, I worked in the makeup and fashion industry. This has been a great experience, and I have learned much about cosmetics, and their ingredients and textures. I have developed a greater understanding about how colours and fragrances work, and how to best use them.

I saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the internet one day, and I wanted to order it. I was extremely surprised when I discovered that the bouquet was made from soap! I found this fascinating. So using the knowledge I had already developed in the cosmetics industry, I began to do my own research. I practiced for a long time, working with many different base soap brands, colourants, and fragrance oils. This enabled me to discover some of my favourite combinations, and now I can share them with you!

I have been selling my beautiful creations on Facebook for some time now, along with many other talented soap makers. During my experiences selling on Facebook, I noticed that there wasn’t enough help and support for those who want to make their own soap products. This prompted me to share my own experiences and help others to create something unique and exciting.

Although my brand - Eternity Soap Lab - was created in June 2020, my website – published February 2021 – is still very new. With the help of my friends and new customers, I intend to do my best to give a little of my own experiences with artisan soap creation, to all of you. I hope to inspire and help you to appreciate and understand as I do, that soap creation can also be an art form.

Please follow me on YouTube – Eternity Soap Lab, where I will share my experience, soap creation tips and tutorials with you. I will have you creating wonderful decorative soap creations in no time at all!

You can also follow me on Instagram - where you can see my latest designs and all the different products you can purchase and maybe even learn to make yourself!

I hope you enjoy working with the products I recommend and love so much.

Sincerely yours,