Melt and Pour Soap Bases For Soap Making in the UK

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Welcome to our wonderful range of melt and pour soap bases in the UK. You can’t make soap without a good soap base and these soap bases are perfect for beginner soap makers, as well as those with lots of experience.

The process is easy. You literally “melt and pour” the soap base and make it your own by adding your favourite soap colourants and Fragrance Oils. You will find all of these Soap ingredients on Eternity Soap Lab. These soap bases are suitable for more advanced designs too, like swirls, work with pipettes, aquarelle technic, layering, and many more.

Quality Melt and Soap Base:

You can always trust that we always ensure we only sell the very best quality soap bases and Silicone Soap Moulds in the UK. We have very high standards since this is the only way to make quality soap creations. The beauty of choosing ready-made pour soap bases is that you do not have to go through the process of combining oils and sodium hydroxide lye to make it.

Even most professional soap makers prefer to use bases that are already made. In addition to being ready-made, you have the comforting knowledge that all our melt and pour bases are SLS-free, vegan, and not tested on animals.

What after choosing soap base:

When you are deciding which soap base to buy, it’s a good idea to have in mind what sort of glycerin soap you want to make. Clear melt and pour soap bases are a great choice to create bright and vibrant coloured soap. Whereas the white melt and pour soaps are best for pastel effect creations.

You will find your own preferences the more you experiment with our different pour bases. You will find many examples and tutorials on my soap-making videos page.