Bespoke Silicone Soap and Candle Moulds UK

Welcome to our page of 3D Soap making Silicone Soap and Candle moulds in the UK. Our silicone moulds are fun, unique, and allow you to create something wonderful. Just the flower soap molds alone are enough to keep you busy. There is such a large variety to choose from. We have orchid homemade soap moulds, roses, magnolias, lilies, and many more soap molds in the UK. And remember, when you design your own soap creations, you can choose the colours and scents yourself. Who says you can’t have a Lilly that smells like baby powder?

Imagine a bouquet of roses with the fresh and nostalgic scent of the Italian coast. As we like to say here at Eternity Soap Lab, the only thing holding you back is your own imagination. There are enough moulds to create a stunning floral display with an array of unique scents if you so wish. When you create your own designs with your own colours and scents, you create something unique for your customers or just something personal for you and your loved ones.

Handmade Silicone Soap Moulds UK:

All the silicone moulds are handmade, and they are perfect for any melt and pour soap makers out there looking for something a little different. They work equally as well for any candle makers too. There are many unusual silicone moulds to choose from, and some are very cute. What about an animal soap mould, like a bunny or a deer? Or perhaps you would be more interested in something a little more mythical, like a unicorn soap mould?

Please take your time and browse all our bespoke silicone moulds for soap making. We are certain you will find something to inspire you.

Please don’t forget to check out our soap-making videos for ideas and inspiration. Everything used in these videos can be found at Eternity Soap Lab.